The Carla II

Our original idea just got better. Meet Carla II... We've taken everything you've asked for, sampled it, tested it, and here IT is. With 2 pockets designed to fit the biggest phones on the market, you can store just about anything you would need to leave the house :) Our new invisible zippers give you added security to keep you from losing things like your key, CC, or doggy treats :)

Release Date: 11/24 6p.m. EST

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Our Tights

"It's hard to create high quality apparel, but what if we made high quality apparel at more affordable prices? That will give us an even greater challenge..." Thats our CEO's mindset. We want to push boundaries and challenge ourselves to go above and beyond. Quality. Comfort. Price. Thats what we are about, and thats what makes our tights the total package.

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