Foxy Athletics was created to give everyone woman in the world high quality, fashionable, and comfortable athletic apparel, but for a reasonable price! We will bridge the gap between a woman and her thinking of "the good leggings are too expensive". The industry is getting a little crazy on pricing of good athletic gear. Not everyone can afford to spend $130 on a DSC_1474pair of leggings, or $75 on a tank top. And even if they can, they won't buy a lot of it. Every woman deserves to have a closet full of good quality workout clothes!

We have been hard at work innovating and researching different materials for tank tops, leggings, sports bras, jogger pants, etc. We will continue to innovate and give women what they want. There is no reason to just settle for what a brand has to offer. Our goal is to take as much feedback as possible and actually put it in to our products. When women see the custom Foxy Athletics box on their door step, they will smile. When they open the box and see a personalized letter inside, they will smile and feel special. (Every woman deserves to feel special) When they slide into a pair of our leggings they will fall in love. Every woman deserves to have comfort and quality while being active.... without breaking their bank account.

Foxy Athletics is a brand created to make all women feel like champions! You may have never won a world championship in long distance running, but when you get done with your daily 3 mile run, you will feel like a world champion in our gear! Whether your goals are to sweat in the gym, take a run in the cold, or live the lifestyle of a Yogi, we support you…. Literally! You know that feeling you get when you reach a goal? We want you to have that same feeling when you slide into a pair of Foxy leggings, or put on a Foxy tank or sports bra. We are constantly hard at work to provide you with the best quality, comfort, and price! Every woman deserves to be a Foxy Lady!