Hey Fit Fam!! My name is Stacy McCloud. I am a Southern girl (born and raised in Tennessee) that now lives in Las Vegas with my husband and fur kids (Hildi and Stella.) I am 37 years (young), a health/fitness blogger, NPC Bikini Posing Coach and as of 2016 an IFBB Bikini Pro! I just completed my "rookie" year as a Pro and was blessed enough to earn a 1st place win at Omaha Pro which qualifies me to compete in Mr. Olympia 2017! While these days all things health and fitness are both my passion and my primary focus, my background is actually in Television/Journalism!

                I graduated college with a degree in Communications and Psychology. Since then I have worked as a TV News Reporter/Anchor at various TV stations in Tennessee and Kentucky, an Entertainment Host/Reporter for Fox Nashville, Co-Host of Great American Country (GAC) Headline Country, host of the automotive how-to-show PowerblockTV and various other freelance TV gigs!

                In addition to trying my best to inspire and motivate everyone (especially NON competitors) to be THEIR BEST physically and mentally, I also have a passion for GUT HEALTH! I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2006 and have a host of other gut issues. I am finally on the road to figuring out all the things that are helping me heal my gut as well as maintain a healthy gut and I want to help others do the same!

                I am honored to be #TeamFoxy. I love being part of a brand that not only offers a quality product at an affordable price, but share my passion of wanting to motivate and inspire ALL women! It is hard to pick my favorite Foxy Leggings! I love them all! But since I live in the color black, my favorite is the Midnight Carla Capri (I am a sucker for mesh) and my 2nd favorite is a toss up between the Electric Blue Carla Capris and the Olive Carla tights.

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