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Sponsored Athletes

Kendall Strampel

NASM certified trainer

My name is Kendall Strampel, otherwise known as Fearstofit. My true passion is to... Read More

Stacy McCloud

IFBB Bikini Pro

Hey Fit Fam!! My name is Stacy McCloud. I am a Southern girl (born and raised in Tennessee) that now lives... Read More

Want to be a Sponsored Foxy Athlete?

We are looking for unique individuals who align with what we stand for. You don't have to be a competitor, trainer, or participate in any specific activities. You could be a nurse, firefighter, or a stay at home mom. We care about whether or not you're passionate about making a positive influence on the world.  Our mission is to change the world, one experience at a time. Are you ready to help us? Our Ambassador program is your first step to becoming a Sponsored  Foxy Athlete.